Out of the box, webpack won't require you to use a configuration file. However, it will assume the entry point of your project is src/index.js and will output the result in dist/main.js minified and optimized for production.

Usually, your projects will need to extend this functionality, for this you can create a webpack.config.js file in the root folder and webpack will automatically use it.

All the available configuration options are specified below.

Use a different configuration file

If for some reason you want to use a different configuration file depending on certain situations, you can change this via command line by using the --config flag.


"scripts": {
  "build": "webpack --config prod.config.js"


Click on the name of each option in the configuration code below to jump to the detailed documentation. Also note that the items with arrows can be expanded to show more examples and, in some cases, more advanced configurations.


Use webpack-cli's init command to rapidly generate webpack configuration files for your project requirements, it will ask you a couple of questions before creating a configuration file.

npx webpack-cli init

npx might prompt you to install @webpack-cli/init if it is not yet installed in the project or globally. You might also get additional packages installed to your project depending on the choices you've made during the configuration generation.

npx webpack-cli init

ℹ INFO For more information and a detailed description of each question, have a look at
ℹ INFO Alternatively, run `webpack(-cli) --help` for usage info.

? Will your application have multiple bundles? No
? Which module will be the first to enter the application? [default: ./src/index]
? Which folder will your generated bundles be in? [default: dist]:
? Will you be using ES2015? Yes
? Will you use one of the below CSS solutions? No

+ babel-plugin-syntax-dynamic-import@6.18.0
+ uglifyjs-webpack-plugin@2.0.1
+ webpack-cli@3.2.3
+ @babel/core@7.2.2
+ babel-loader@8.0.4
+ @babel/preset-env@7.1.0
+ webpack@4.29.3
added 124 packages from 39 contributors, updated 4 packages and audited 25221 packages in 7.463s
found 0 vulnerabilities

Congratulations! Your new webpack configuration file has been created!

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