ag-grid is proud to partner with webpack

Why Support webpack?

First, the people who contribute to webpack, do so for the love of open source, love for our users and ecosystem, and most importantly, pushing the web forward together. Because of our Open Collective model for funding and transparency, we are able to funnel support and funds through contributors, dependent projects, and the contributor and core teams. But what is the return on the investment?


The biggest core feature that we want to give you is enjoyment of using webpack. Developers like you can help by contributing to rich and vibrant documentation, issuing pull requests to help us cover niche use cases, and to help sustain what you love about webpack.

How Can I Help?

Anybody can help by doing any of the following:

How Can I Ask My Employer To Use webpack?

You can ask your employer to improve your workflow by leveraging webpack: an all-in-one tool for fonts, images and image optimiziation, and json. webpack will attempt to bundle your code and assets the best it can for the smallest file size, which means a faster web site/app.

Your Contributions Are Important To Us

Contributing to webpack is not contributing to an exclusive club. You as a developer are contributing to the overall health of downstream projects. Hundreds, maybe more, projects depend on webpack and contributing will make the ecosystem better for all users.

CTO's, VPs, Owners

webpack is an all-in-one tool for bundling your code. It can handle fonts, images, svgs, and more with the help of plugins. Having all of your assets be handled by one tool is immensely helpful, as you or your team can spend less time making sure a machine with many moving parts is working correctly and more time building your product.

How You Can Support webpack as a Company

You can support webpack as a company by:

  • Contributing developers that are not actively working on a project
  • Contributing computing power for improved CI and regression testing

I Can't Provide These Things, What Else Can I Do?

You can encourage your developers to contribute to the ecosystem, open sourcing tools, loaders, and plugins for webpack, and helping increase our CI/CD infrastructure.

VC, Government, Digital Agencies

We want you to work with us, one of the top NPM libraries, to improve your product!